[New Magic Item] Stone of the Crone

Stone of the Crone

Stork noticed the youthful witch following Vistis the Blue Mage and himself for the last three hours and he was puzzled about her motives. She seemed determined to catch up to them, yet reluctant to encounter them directly, finally, he had enough and the two spellcasters sat and waited. The woman approached.

‘What is your business with us?’ Stork asked.

‘I am selling an artifact,’ she responded.

Stork and Vistis looked at each other.

‘No, really, I used it many times and I can use it no more,’ she said.

‘And who are you?’ Vistis asked from behind his thick mask.

‘The Witch of the Skorlas Mountains,’ she answered.

Stork cocked an eyebrow as Vistis dropped his jaw, though nobody could see that.

‘Impossible!’ exclaimed Vistis.

‘Why do you think I need to lose this artifact to another?’ the witch asked.

‘To keep the magic that keeps you young,’ Stork said.

Then Stork and Vistis began to argue over whether they should buy the artifact or make the witch return to her elder age in these ruins far from others.

Created by the Arch-Witch, Vedomas, this artifact is very useful, especially to those that fear aging and the ever-growing weakness and pain that comes with old age, as well as those that age prematurely due to their exposure to the dark arts and dealing with demonic creatures.

Benefit: Once per day this magical stone renders its bear 1d20+1d10 years younger than their actual age, retaining all mental faculties and knowledge. Charisma is also boosted by 1d4 points. This effect lasts 1d4 hours and then the person either returns to their actual age or roles 4% or less on percentile dice to make the change permanent. Any who are permanently changed must surrender the stone within one day to another living sentient being or return to their actual age.

Usable by: Anyone.

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