[New Magic Item] Devil In A Bottle

Devil In A Bottle

Valance, Navnen and Chalk nursed their hands from recently grabbing the bottle that contained the raucous imp. The small infernal creature laughed and laughed at the adventurers. Koram held the bottle aloft, his hand unharmed.

‘Good fighter, four times you may call upon me, and by my magic I must serve thee,’ the creature said, bowing mockingly at the warrior.

‘This won’t end well,’ Chalk said glancing at Koram and his new little ally.

Valance shook his head in agreement.

‘Of course not,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘We are just jealous, that thing would be awesome to command,’ Navnen said and the other two nodded with the thief.

When the evil archmage Disortis attacking the tower of the good mage Vold with dozens of imps the benevolent spellcaster had no choice but to bottle those imps and spread them around the world, cursed to serve good people.

Benefit: Any Good character seizing this bottled imp may command the tiny devil four times, each time the creature can perform a minor form of Limited Wish, granting a weapon or shield the ability to rebound spells to the caster three times per day, enchanting a mundane item into a +2 weapon for a combat, moving a very heavy stone, teleporting to a location within sight, etc. Once the four instances have happened the bottle’s current owner can elect to break the bottle and free the imp (the creature cannot attack the one who freed it, but can defend itself) or elect to leave the bottle anywhere within 30′ for someone else to find, thus keeping the creature in service to others. The imp will put up a strong case for the former outcome over the latter of course.

Usable by: Anyone of Good alignment. A Neutral character holding this bottle takes 1d4+2 points of damage, an Evil character takes 1d6+2.

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