[New Spell] Goblinsight



‘Here comes the painful bit,’ Valance said as he winced a little.

‘Oh yeah, that spell hit you and Navnen permanently, that is going to hurt,’ Chalk said with a slight grin.

‘Your cursed scroll!’ Navnen sneered.

‘That makes your job easier and saves the group on torches and lantern oil,’ retorted Chalk.

Koram strained and opened the stone door, sunlight flooded in. the thief and cleric gasped in the bright sunlight.

‘Maybe we can dispel this somewhere,’ Chalk said.

‘Let’s not be too hasty,’ Navnen said. ‘Let’s see how this works out for the group first. It is, after all, only a couple of hours before nightfall.’


Goblinsight (Magic-user)

Level 2

Range: 10′ radius around caster +5’/level

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster and see below.

When cast this spell allows all within its radius that the caster chooses (including or excluding themselves) to be able to see in very low light, such as a cat or goblin. A candle is sufficient in most instances to see great distances by and torches are not necessary. If exposed to daylight or a Light spell or similar illumination, magical or mundane all under the effect of this spell are -1 to hit in combat due to feeling wobbly when exposed to bright light. The referee should roll percentile dice after the spell is cast as this spell has a 15% chance of being permanent unless dispelled.

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