[New Magic Item] Wand of Voices

Wand of Voices

The curious wizard pulled something from his sleeve just before the lantern broke, plunging the inn into darkness.

‘Over here,’ said Chalk.

Koram, Navnen and Valance headed towards the voice.

‘That’s not me!’ squeaked a voice that certainly wasn’t Chalk’s.

‘It sure sounded like it,’ Koram said.

‘Of course it did, but I am over here,’ came the squeaky voice in the dark.

Navnen struggled to start a candle burning and realized the darkness was magical in nature, perhaps cast after the lantern broke.

A knife could be heard slowly sliding from its sheaf.

‘Let’s let the spiders decide who is who,’ Valance suggested, punctuating his comment with a sinister cackle.

‘Okay, okay! I’m not him!’ the voice said in a panic.

‘That’s all I needed to know,’ Valance said in a deep and malicious tone.

The sound of scuttling was followed by screams in Chalk’s voice.

Valance giggled.

Definitely a creation of the Gods of Mischief, these magical wands are scattered about the world and while not evil or malicious on their own, they may be used in conjunction with other magic to cause a lot of mayhem.

Benefit: Up to three times per day this magic wand can be used to either exchange or replace the voice of one living being for another for up to one hour each time (multiple uses can overlap within this time frame). There is no Save and the person is not necessarily compelled to speak by the wand, but may be made to speak via other means.

Usable by: Magic-users and illusionists.

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