[New Spell] Four Shades Black

Four Shades Black


The strange, inky creature scratched at the door. Chalk answered, tossed a few coins in the creature’s hand and took the scroll that the thing offered. It backed up slowly and disappeared into the shadows of twilight. The wizard shuddered a little.

‘I really don’t mind buying from the illusionist and his magic shop, but dang, his delivery service is creepy,’ Chalk said.

‘Hmmmm, maybe I should start a delivery service of some kind, I always have spare spiders around,’ Valance thought out loud.

‘No! One creepy messenger service is enough,’ Chalk said.


Four Shades Black (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Shades can travel within one mile of caster.

Duration: Permanent.

Four Shades Black is an illusionist spell that conjures lesser Shadows known as Shades, wretched creatures from the Plane of Shadow. These creatures take on the forms of bipedal black cats or shadowy skeletons of human-like skeletons and are completely silent when they move. The creepiest aspect of these creatures is that they can meld into each other, doubling, tripling or quadrupling their Hit Dice and attacks. These creatures serve as spies and thugs for an illusionist. It is rumored that one particular spellcaster of this type had an army of these creatures.

Shade: HD 2; AC 7[12]; Atk 1claw(1d4); Move 12; Save 17; AL C; CL/XP 2/60; Special:-1 to Hit in bright light or sunlight. Move silently (although have a base intelligenc and can speak common) and can climb most any surface at full speed. These stats are for one creature, these beings can meld together, thus doubling, tripling or quadrupling HD, #of attacks and XP, although at most the CL will double.

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