[New Magic Item] Rope of Corvis

Rope of Corvis

Stork was pulling the thief up with the magical rope he had acquired recently.

‘Toss the bag up and you will have a better grip,’ the wizard suggested.

Without thinking the thief tossed the bag up.

‘Oh no,’ he muttered.

Stork smiled, revealing his shark-like teeth.

‘Oh, yes,’ the wizard said. ‘Back into the gloom!’

The rope started to grow longer faster than the thief could climb it, lowering him back down towards the gnashing and howling trio of bugbears.

Bored, Stork cut the rope, sending the frayed end down into the darkness.

Of unknown origin (nobody is even sure who or what ‘Corvis’ is) there are a number of these magical ropes known to exist. Thieves and adventurers swear by these magic items.

Benefit: The owner of this rope (a process that takes 24 hours of constant contact with this magic item for bonding with it to occur) can decide with an exclamation how long this rope can be beyond 10′. This can be used to lower someone into gloom, and, consequently, to cut the rope at 11′ and leave the one on the other end to their own devices. The owner must be within 60′ of the rope and it must be within line of sight to control its length, anyone can cut the rope, only the owner wants it cut more than 10′ in length from the closest end to the owner or the magic is lost.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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