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[New Magic Item] Potion of Tracking

Potion of Tracking

‘This is impossible’ snorted Stork as he looked over his shoulder. ‘Those bandits are still following us.’

‘How do they do this? They have no spellcaster among them and no ranger,’ replied Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘Some sorcerous trick,’ Stork said with a sneer. ‘We’ve got a few of those ourselves, eh?’

Delving into a thicket the two wizards found a steep hillside, much too steep for them to climb. Stork fussed about in the satchel at his side for the right scroll. Finding it he mumbled a few words and the two adventurers floated up the side of the hill, shielded by trees. As they reached a ledge they strolled onto the hillside and both got down on their hands and knees to listen.

‘Where did they go?’ one bandit asked.

‘I don’t know, the trail ends here….unless,’ he looked up and spotted Stork and Vistis before they could hide their faces.

‘Curse them!’ hissed Stork as he and Vistis did their best to get away before the bandits could get to their location.

Allegedly created for a thief to trail a bandit through dense woods, this potion is very handy and fail-proof, unless the one being followed decides to fly, sail or ride. Or change shoes. Unknown how this potion works on halfing feet.

Benefit: To use this potion one must take a sip of the draught and pour at least a teaspoon of the remaining potion onto at least one piece of footwear of the person one wishes to follow. Effects last for three days and the one who drank of the potion can see the tracks of the footwear affected by the potion. Note: this only tracks the individual on foot and not when riding, sailing, fly, etc, although the trail may be picked up later. After two days the trail becomes fainter and after three it can no longer be followed.

Usable by: Anyone, although rangers often will not use this magical elixir, trusting in their own skills.