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[New Spell] Shrouded City

Shrouded City


‘And why do we fear the necromancer’s goblin horde in such fair weather?’ asked the duke as he laughed.

‘Very well,’ the necromancer replied. He then mumbled the words of a spell before the guards could stop him. Suddenly the torches on the walls shed the light of a candle. Screams and cries could be heard from a nearby window.

Now the necromancer laughed as many of the guards dropped their weapons in fear and ran.

‘Your terms?’ the duke asked in defeat.

‘Nothing so bad as you would think,’ the vile wizard replied. ‘Only, say, a quarter of your profits for the next year?’

The duke gasped, but knew he currently had no choice.

‘A contract!’ shouted the necromancer as two goblins appeared bearing a rolled up sheet of parchment.

As the duke signed he mentally tried to recall all of the assassins in the area.


Shrouded City (Magic-user)

Level 8

Range: Line of sight (affects towns and cities of up to 500,000 inhabitants).

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This strange and shadowy spell enshrouds a civilized area in swirling shadows so deep that it cannot be seen unless one is within one half of a mile. Light sources are dimmed by 50% and require twice as much fuel (unless magical, which operate as normal) to cast light. Any creatures with low light or night vision can see normally without penalty. Chickens will not lay eggs while in this magical darkness and other animals may act strange or run away until the spell ends. Attempts to teleport within this area, even by those who have before, has a 50% chance of going awry and teleporting to a location within twenty miles.

Variant-all damage incurred within the area of this spell is doubled.