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[New Monster] Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

Chaos erupted suddenly as a band of blue-boned skeletal creatures burst through the wall of solid ice, waving swords and axes menacingly.

Koram swung his Crystal Sword and took down one skeleton just as Chalk threw a spell. Valance tried to run, making distance so he could summon a few spiders to help. Everyone noticed suddenly that these undead were not slowed by the knee-deep snow.

‘Turn them!’ shouted Navnen the thief.

‘Oh yeah,’ the priest of the Spider God said. He stood still and revealed a stylized spider symbol that caused the skeletons to fall back, creeping through the ice wall to hide from the cleric.

‘That won’t last long, we’d better come up with a plan,’ Valance suggested.

‘How do you forget that you can turn undead away?’ Chalk asked.

‘You forgot too,’ the priest of the Spider God replied in exasperation.

Victims of the cultists of gods and goddesses of cold climates and sometimes of these deities themselves, the Dead of Winter are reanimated with a spark of those frigid deities within them, relentless and free of the problems that the terrain causes others. Trying to stay one step ahead of these enhanced undead is trickier than it seems. Stripped of flesh, these icy blue boned skeletons hate all life with a vengeance.

Dead of Winter: HD 2+1 AC 7[12]; Atk Weapon (1d6), Bite (1d4) or Punch (1d4+1) ; Move 10 ; Save 12; CL/XP 3/75; Special: Not slowed by cold: these creatures move normally through snow, no matter how deep, do not fall on ice and can even walk through walls of snow and ice as if incorporeal., Strong willed: these skeletal undead are more powerful than regular skeletons in a spiritual way and are turned as 4HD monsters.