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[New Monster] Driber


‘They are pretty harmless,’ the gnome illusionist said.

‘They are foolish and a little creepy,’ countered the elf ranger.

The humanoid rabbit chittered at the gnome.

‘And he is housebroken,’ added the gnome.

‘Nevertheless,’ the elf said,’ it is not normal. If we start taking in talking rabbits what is next, talking raccoons and owls?’

‘Both of you stop,’ Fellhorn the druid said. ‘We will let him tag along for now, but I don’t want to have him causing us problems.’

The elf smirked. The gnome grinned triumphantly. The driber leapt in joy.

The driber is a 1 ½ to 2′ tall humanoid rabbit, Neutral in nature, although very pesky and driven to mischief and practical jokes. Fairly intelligent, the driber live in small communities near human or gnomish settlements (dwarfs and elves cannot stand these creatures and often drive them away). Sometimes these creatures follow adventurers through the wilderness, stealing small items or playing innocent pranks unless someone kills and or eats a rabbit and then the driber become nasty and are out for revenge. These creatures usually speak a squeaking form of Common as well as Gnomish and Goblin.

Driber: HD 2 AC 6[13]; Atk Weapon (1d4), Bite (1d4) or Kick (1d6+1) ; Move 13 ; Save 12; CL/XP 2/50; Special: Lucky, roll twice for saves, taking the best result; burrower: can dig a hole to hide underground in two rounds, can dig a tunnel, 10’/turn. Exceptional creatures may cast 1-3 Illusionist spells of 1st/2nd level.

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