[New Magic Item] Ring of Remembrance

Ring of Remembrance

The old man twisted the ring around his finger and looked thoughtfully out the window.

‘Surely you recall his secret name now,’ Chalk said.

‘Oh, I do, I recall it well, this ring’s power is very useful,’ the old man replied.

‘Then why the reluctance to tell us Valance’s true name?’ Koram asked.

The old man pointed to the window where Valance stood peeking in, a sinister grin on his face and a menacing spider in his hand.

Chalk smirked.

‘That was two thousand gold pieces gone on a “sure thing” of yours,’ the wizard said.

‘I didn’t know that Valance was going to be creeping around,’ Koram said in his defense.

Said to have once been a personal possession of the goddess Lymphus, this magical ring has reversed many cases of forgotten knowledge, even among ancient dragons and similar beings. Just using the ring once can cost several thousand gold pieces depending on what information is being recovered.

Benefit: When worn this magical ring may be used to recall one major detail or two minor details that the wearer has forgotten, either because of age or by magical means. This works automatically, unless a Wish spell was caused to make the bearer forget, in which case the power of the ring has a 50% chance of success, with a cumulative chance of +1% each day unless another Wish is cast to cause the person to forget, at which time the information is lost forever. Handy for getting information out of forgetful elderly NPCs.

Usable by: Anyone.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Ring of Remembrance

  1. nimroddfw says:

    Okay, why does “Just using the ring once can cost several thousand gold pieces depending on what information is being recovered”? You don’t mention any cost in the Benefits. Does the ring disappear after use, or is the gold used to power the use?

  2. devdigs010 says:

    I’d gladly see two or three players conspire to take down Altdorf or equivalent.

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  3. bat says:

    @nimroddfw- I just mentioned the gold as something that enterprising players could do, namely charge for letting others use the ring (or being charged by NPCs) as anything that NEEDS to be remembered is probably very valuable to someone. Of course you could just be nice and lend the ring out for others to use…

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