[New Spell] Locate Infernal

Locate Infernal


Jorvan the Resolute bowed his head in silent prayer. A moment later he raised his head and glared forward.

‘You!’ the cleric shouted, pointing at the two people talking.

‘Me?’ asked Valance in shock.

‘No, not you, him! The one next to you!’ Jorvan replied.

The man Valance was talking with sneered and Valance momentarily saw the human revealed as a demonic creature before returning to its previous form.

Arrows flew at the creature that turned an ran.

‘That was close,’ Chalk said as he put a reassuring hand on Valance’s shoulder.

‘No kidding, I just about handed that thing three hundred gold pieces on a bet,’ replied the priest of the Spider God in relief.


Locate Infernal (reversible) (Divine)

Level 2

Range: to nearest infernal creature.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

A priest or cleric usually casts Locate Infernal to find a certain threat or challenge as the spell will give the caster basic information (type of creature and general direction). The caster should make a Wisdom attribute roll to see if he or she can determine if any other infernal creatures are in the same general area as the most powerful, and closest, one (which the spell centers on). This spell can be reversed to seek Celestial creatures too.

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