[New Magic Item] Candle of Borrowing

Candle of Borrowing

Strolling into the in like a gang of shadows the adventurers took up their usual space in the corner.

‘Who will it be?’ Navnen asked.

‘You first, if you want to,’ said Valance and offered a candle to the thief.

Navnen pointed to a tall, brawny fighter and lit the bluish candle with another candle.

‘Here, hold this,’ he said, handing the candle to Chalk. ‘Don’t let it go out!’

The wizard nodded.

Navnen walked over to where the tough looking fighter was and bumped into the man, spilling his drink.

A fight ensued, one easily won by the thief. He returned to the table smiling like a little kid with glee.

‘How many of those do you have?’ Chalk asked Navnen and Valance.

‘Over a dozen,’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

‘They may run us out of town over this one, but it will be a fun ride,’ Koram commented.

These strange magical candles are attributed to a goddess of thieves, but this may simply be legend. Very handy to have, some tricky owners of these magic items challenge themselves to use these candles out in the open, even in front of the one they are ‘borrowing’ from.

Benefit: This candle must be in the presence of one who the candle’s owner would borrow from. After the candle is lit then the bearer of this magic item may name an attribute and temporarily ‘borrow’ 1d4 points from that person and have them added on to themselves. Any bonus or modifications for exceptional attributes is added for that time, including additional spells to cast from higher mental attributes. The candle will burn for six hours before it burns out and this process reverses back to normal. The entire candle does not have to be burned at once, but one hour is the minimum amount of time that this ‘borrowing’ takes place and six hours is the maximum. If the time is split up different subjects and/or attributes may be chosen. If the candle is prematurely blown out the attributes also return to normal. Note that the target of the spell suffers any penalties just as the candle’s bearer reaps rewards from higher attributes.

Usable by: Anyone.

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