[New Magic Item] Sarcophagus of Chaos

Sarcophagus of Chaos

The thing crawled from the strange stone tomb, at first struggling like a newborn, then coming to its senses.

Stork grinned an evil grin. He was good at it.

The two made eye contact and the creature kneeled before the wizard obediently.

‘You were an orc mere hours ago, slain in battle by upstart adventurers. Now you are a creature of mine. A hunter for me,’ the wizard said.

The creature raised its eyes to meet the wizard’s gaze, raising a crab-like claw to salute its new master while a whip-like tail furiously swirled and stirred the air.

At one time, ages ago, these magical caskets were not unknown among necromancers and other magic-users and priests of a more sinister outlook. Unlike many magic items, a Sarcophagus of Chaos may be destroyed and many unruly groups of adventurers and peasants have sought these vile artifacts out to destroy. Yet another keeps cropping up somewhere else.

Benefit: A body of any mortal humanoid placed within this evil artifact for four hours will return to life as a mutated creature of chaos. At this point the owner of the casket may exert his will over the creature (the creature gets a saving throw at -2) and a failed save means that the creature is now under the control of the owner of the Sarcophagus of Chaos. The creature becomes a 4HD (for hit point and xp purposes) creature that has an attack that deals 1d6+2 damage (or by weapon), is Chaotic if it wasn’t before, and can track by scent with 68% accuracy, other statistics remain the same. Mutations vary, but common weapons are beweaponed limbs, crab-like claws, eyes on stalks, a hardened skin, acidic blood, wings, cloven hooves, tentacles and a variety of other grisly things, each of which may carry its own benefits and/or deal additional damage. Doing 75 points of damage to one of these things will destroy it.

Suggested further ideas for mutations found here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?47680-chaos-mutations

This page also includes a link to a spreadsheet with rules for suggested mutations.

Usable by: Anyone, but normally chaotically inclined individuals use this artifact.

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