[New Magic Item] Smuggling Drum of Nopaq

Smuggling Drum of Nopaq

‘How are we going to get out of the city unnoticed?’ Valance asked.

‘Why did you gamble with the prince and win? For once you win, just when you don’t want to,’ Chalk commented.

‘That is beside the pointed,’ countered Valance. ‘We need to get out soon.’

‘I have an idea,’ Navnen said dubiously.

‘Someone owes you and we are going to be in some rickety magical contraption?’ Koram asked.

‘Very much so,’ admitted the thief.

Chalk glared at the priest of the Spider God.

‘You owe us for this one,’ the wizard said.

‘Okay, okay, let’s just focus on escape for now,’ Valance replied.

‘I’ll be back soon,’ Navnen said and slipped out the door, only to return an hour later with a frail looking old man that had a drum around his waist.

‘This is going to be great,’ Chalk said sarcastically.

This magical drum was created ages ago and has aided many a thief and smuggler with its powers, and gotten more than a few caught as well by revealing them. This magical drum is about the size and shape of a large watermelon with one end cut for the drum head.

Benefit: When played, the owner of this magic item must play a beat on the drum, either with hands or sticks and indicate what they want the musical instrument to hold. The drum may safely and magically carry anything up to the size and weight of an ogre with just an extra five pounds of weight added to it. The beat played doesn’t matter, but the drummer must make a Dex attribute roll to successfully use the magical drum, both for storing and for revealing what is inside, a roll of 19 or 20 is critical and the drum’s contents are revealed by spilling out onto the ground or won’t go in and this must be attempted again. Live cargo in the drum has fresh air but does still need to eat and drink and can escape by making a Str attribute check. The drum is good for three full uses (putting in and taking out) per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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