[New Spell] Poisonous Secret Retribution

Poisonous Secret Retribution


The gnome returned, silently.

‘Where have you been?’ Fellhorn the druid asked.

The gnome shrugged guiltily.

‘Ha! He couldn’t help himself and squealed the secret of the dryad’s grove to someone he shouldn’t have!’ the elf shrieked triumphantly.

The gnome scowled.

‘How long is this going to last?’ the druid asked.

‘Can you remove curses?’ the elf countered.

‘You sure seem to know a lot about this,’ Fellhorn said.

The elf looked down, a twinge of guilt on his face.


Poisonous Secret Retribution (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Must be cast within three days of the time the secret was betrayed.

Duration: Effects last a year and a day.

Almost like the reverse of a curse, this spell, if cast within three days of a betrayed secret, can cause one of the following to happen to the betrayer:

  1. A large hump grows on one shoulder, reducing Dex and Chr by 1 point each.

  2. Become mute.

  3. Skin becomes bright blue, Chr reduced by 3 points. Easily seen in the dark.

  4. A tattoo saying ‘Betrayer’ or ‘Slanderer’ creeps across the subjects skin, often crossing the neck, face and hands.

While annoying, damning and potentially deadly, these repercussions can be removed with a Reverse/Remove Curse spell or by satisfactorily making their transgression right with the one they offended.

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3 Responses to [New Spell] Poisonous Secret Retribution

  1. bat says:

    Excellent catch, thank you.

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