[New Magic Item] Headtaker Ax

Headtaker Ax

Bakra-do the mercenary looked thoughtfully at the ax he had found in the ruins of the lizardman temple not three nights ago.

The monstrous humanoid charged growling from the bushes, bearing its teeth.

Without looking the human extended his arm, ax lashing out, striking and hitting hard.

Soundlessly the ogre’s mouth gaped open as its head sailed by, trailing a thin stream of blood.

‘I might just keep this ax a while,’ the mercenary said as he appreciated the weapon.

A bloodthirsty battle-axe forged for a demigod, Headtaker is an impressive looking weapon that anyone can use, but it excels in its deadliness in the hands of one trained in fighting.

Benefit: This devastating weapon is so powerful that in the hands of someone untrained it deals 1d6+2 points of damage. To a warrior class this weapon on a successful strike (+1 to hit) deals 1d12+2 damage and a critical hit (19-20) decapitates the target.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield an ax and deadly even when held by those who cannot.

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