[New Magic item] Amulet of Bad Taste

Amulet of Bad Taste

As the creature flailed, biting at the adventurers, they took turns tossing the small amulet to each other, finally the creature retreated back into the swamp and sank deep out of sight into the muck.

‘What was that thing?’ Chalk asked.

‘I am not sure, but that amulet that Navnen found in the crypt back in Dusari sure helped,’ Koram said.

‘Agreed,’ Valance and Chalk chimed in together.

‘I will keep it handy, just in case a couple of those whatsits show back up,’ the thief assured the others.

This magical amulet, while simple, has saved a lot of dungeon delvers and helped them to be able to fight another day.

Benefit: Either held aloft or worn around the neck, this magical amulet makes its wielder unpalatable to anything that would eat him or her. Any creature that relies on bite attacks will not bite the bearer and the effect lasts for two rounds (twenty seconds) after the amulet has left its bearer’s hands. This does not stop claw or other weapons from being used, but the foe will not use a bite attack and may flee (65% chance) if under 4HD and/or a creature that had intended to eat the amulet’s holder.

Usable by: Anyone.

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