[New Spell] Stuck



Navnen suddenly cried out. He realized suddenly that there was a hole in the bottom of his sock and he was stuck hast to the floor.

‘Cursed druid!’ the thief called out. ‘This is why he had us remove our shoes before entering his lodge!’

Valance and Chalk spun around to help the thief who only howled louder as they pulled on his arms.

‘Not all druids are kindly after being stolen from. The hole in your sock is a bonus, I thought it would be your hand on the door,’ replied the druid in a sinister tone as he began another spell.

Koram appeared just in time, bearing his Crystal Sword.

‘Perhaps this will encourage you to be a bit kinder,’ the warrior said.

The druid slumped his shoulders in despair. He snapped his fingers and Navnen was free.

‘You could return his belongings,’ Chalk suggested to the thief.


Stuck (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Self(?!) or Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until dispelled.

This strange druid spell causes the target to become very sticky, their skin suddenly exuding a very powerful and magical sticky sap that binds instantly to anything touched. To break free one may attempt an attribute test (Strength) with a -1 penalty due to the extreme adhesion. There is a melee benefit, no hand held weapon can be dropped during this time, and some fighters may even request this spell be cast upon them before combat.

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