[New Spell] That Needed Thing

That Needed Thing


‘How did that priest of the Sun God escape those shackles?’ Valance asked in disbelief. ‘The ransom would have been good.’

‘He apparently did it with a spell that you do not have,’ smirked Chalk as he picked up the manacles.

‘I’ll need to find out if the Spider God will grant me such magic,’ Valance said reflectively.

‘That would be nice as we often find ourselves in the same predicament as that poor cleric,’ said Navnen.


That Needed Thing (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Up to 10′ radius/level.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

A desperate plea to a god(dess) or many deities in a particular time of need, this spell will manifest one minor physical thing that the cleric or their companions require when in dire consequences. A dagger, a key, a skin of water, a scrap of parchment. At the end of the spell the item disappears. Note that the gods can be fickle and calling on this spell too many times can cause a useless item to appear instead or one that the group needs to work at to be useful.

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