[New Spell] Bad Light, Bad Light!

Bad Light, Bad Light!


‘Can someone light another candle?’ Valance asked.

‘We are down to three, we need to use them wisely until this spell is expended,’ Chalk said.

‘Who irritated the illusionist in the first place?’ Koram asked.

‘I think it was me, but to be fair, he was very touchy,’ Navnen said.

A strange scraping sound could be heard in the darkness.

‘What was that?’ the adventurers all asked as one.


Bad Light, Bad Light! (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10′ radius/level.

Duration: Three hours per level of caster.

This simple Illusionist spell allows the caster to cause all (except themselves) in the affected area to become very sensitive to light. A sunny day causes a -2 on all to hit rolls and a torch or lantern causes a -1 to hit. Only candlelight is bearable. Creatures already affected by bright light become -3 to hit in combat. Note that this spell does not grant nightvision or low-light vision to those affected by this spell. Many humanoid spellcasters love using this spell on humans and demi-humans.

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