[New Magic Item] Strange Ring of Kasir-Kasar

Strange Ring of Kasir-Kasar

‘You seem quicker with that ring on somehow,’ Chalk told Navnen as he dodged the swing of a mighty club.

‘It certainly helps,’ replied the thief as he stabbed the lumbering humanoid in the thigh with his shortsword.

‘I have an idea that maybe it secretly calls to giants,’ Koram said as he rushed the hulking biped.

‘As this is the fourth giant we have encountered this week, you could be right!’ Valance added sarcastically as he summoned a titanic spider to attack the brutish hill giant.

A beautiful golden ring with a green stone that resembles an eye set within it. Slips onto the finger easily, but does not want to come off.

Benefit: When worn this magical ring grants the wearer a +1 to initiative. And it won’t come off without a Remove Curse or Limited Wish or Wish spell. Or severing the finger. And the ring calls the attention of any giants within one mile to come and harass (good/neutral)/attack(evil) the wearer who get a +2 on initiative and +3 to damage against true giants of all kinds.

Usable by: Anyone.

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