[New Magic Item] Amulet of Shared Spells

Amulet of Shared Spells

Halfway between the two combatants an eerie green fire erupted and a half dozen emerald arrows of magical origin sped towards each spellcaster. Already receiving a terrible blow from a vicious spell one of the wizards staggered back, astounded by this event.

‘But how?’ the wizard gasped as he clutched at his heart and crumpled to the ground.

‘Why this amulet,’ answered the gnome illusionist.

The elf nodded almost admiringly.

‘He’s annoying, but sometimes effective,’ the elf whispered to Fellhorn the druid.

This rather ingenious magical amulet was created for a great hero that waded into a den of vile sorcerers and returned triumphant. Since then a few vile sorcerers have used this in magical duels to get the upper hand.

Benefit: This magical amulet has a 78% chance of bouncing back any spells cast at the wearer so that the spell effects are duplicated upon the caster. Popular around healers that get into combat, not so popular with battle mages who inflict damage.

Usable by: Anyone.

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