[New Magic Item] Spear of Recall

Spear of Recall

The bugbears were closing in fast. The scout was spotted. The elf quickly tried to suss out a plan on the ground with the point of his dagger, suddenly, he was gone.

Moments later the elf stood next to the spear shaft with the druid and gnome.

‘So that’s how that works,’ the elf said.

‘And by the way, gnome, you owe me 30 silver coins. Bugbears, and lots of them,’ he added with a sharp look towards the gnome illusionist.

For centuries this magic weapon has passed through many hands with very few realizing its true magic. Those that do find this magical ‘spear’ indispensable for scouts and thieves.

Benefit: If used as a spear this magic weapon deals 1d8+1 magical damage, which is impressive enough. If the ‘spearhead’ is removed from the shaft it is revealed to be a dagger. If the dagger is jabbed into bare earth the person holding the dagger may travel any distance and safely be teleported back to the location of the shaft by tapping the dagger to the ground.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a spear.

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