[New Spell] Call Jewelry

Call Jewelry


Chalk, Valance, Koram and Navnen came upon a strange sight in the forest clearing; a small group of dwarfs trying to pry open the door to a stone house.

‘What did the old wizard do?’ Koram asked the dwarfs.

‘He stole my father’s necklace from me using some strange spell,’ one of the dwarfs claimed, eyeing Chalk dubiously. ‘Have you come to help him?’

‘Help him?! He stole some jewelry from us in town and we were coming to deal with him,’ Valance said.

The dwarfs smiled to each other.

Valance uttered a prayer and a group of spiders scuttled into the small stone hut.

Screams came from inside and then the hut’s walls burst, the wizard revealed himself, now the size of a giant.

‘That was the power of one of my rings,’ one of the dwarfs said.

‘Run!’ Navnen shouted and those who would reclaim their jewelry suddenly found themselves running for their lives as the now giant wizard bellowed in a booming voice.


Call Jewelry (Magic-user)

Level 2

Range: 10’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell calls all hand wrought jewelry worn on one individual into the possession of the wizard. A saving throw versus spells applies. Those that fail lose one piece, all or any combination of rings, bracelets etcetera to the caster of this spell. Some dwarf and gnome jewelers have been known to hunt down those that cast this spell.

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