[New Magic item] Hat of Gnomes

Hat of Gnomes

‘I am not going to do it,’ said the elf. ‘No.’

‘Fellhorn changed his shape into a badger, I am already gnome sized, it is how we are getting through this small goblin tunnel,’ the gnome illusionist said.

‘I cannot do this, what if word gets out, I’d be humiliated for decades,’ replied the elf.

The badger growled and threatened to bite.

‘Very well!’ the elf said. Snatching the hat from the gnome he put the red conical hat on. Then the elf instantly shrank to the size of a gnome.

The actual gnome started to say something.

‘One word and I sell you to the next ogre we meet for a snack,’ threatened the elf.

‘Oh, you are no fun!’ grumbled the diminutive illusionist as he turned and hurried down the goblin tunnel.

At first created to allow trusted friends of a gnome community into their small dwellings, these magical hats have gotten out into the world and have been handy for a variety of uses.

Benefit: This simple magical hat will reduce anyone to the size of a gnome (roughly 24-36 inches tall) while worn. The wearer retains all physical and mental attributes, yet is now size Small and is harder to hit (-1 to be struck in combat by Medium sized creatures,-2 to be hit by those of Large size and bigger) and the wearer of the hat can fit into smaller areas comfortably and takes 4 hit points less falling damage per 10′.

Usable by: Anyone, (no effect on anyone gnome sized).

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