[New Spell] Acid Blood

Acid Blood


Chalk read from the scroll. Koram nodded as the magic-user ended the spell and patted his shoulder.

‘Ready?’ Chalk asked.

‘If we are going to die we will take out as many of those monsters as we can,’ Koram replied.

Navnen drew his blades, Valance summoned the largest spiders in the area and bound them to his will.

The astral raiders sprang out of the darkness, howling and shrieking with hellish glee. The first creature slipped his sword passed the fighter and wounded his arm. Blood sprayed onto the raider’s face, it screamed out in pain. Immediately all of the creatures halted and took a step back, watching their fellow as he scurried out of melee in pain.

‘And you are all protected with this magic?’ one of the creatures hissed.

‘Naturally,’ replied Valance with a smile.

The astral raiders took a moment to scrutinize the priest of the Spider God and then the group retreated, a couple of the creatures cursing in a strange language.

Navnen tried to bind Koram’s wound, but everything he used burned up.

‘Valance isn’t much of a healer, but he sure can bluff,’ the thief said.

The cleric pouted.

‘Now what? We won!’ Chalk said exuberantly.

‘Yes, but I wanted to see these spiders in action,’ Valance said wistfully.


Acid Blood (Magic-user)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

When cast the spell causes either the caster’s or the blood of one chosen by the caster to burn like acid when spilled. Acid Blood deals 1d6 damage to wooden objects or skin, and does 1d4 harm to bronze or copper, other metals, glass and crystal are immune to the effects of any spilled blood. The one with the acidic blood’s possessions are immune to this effect for the duration of the spell.

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