[New Monster] Sky Goat

Sky Goat


Chalk stood on the edge of the precipice.

‘Nobody told us that the archdruid lived on top of that mountain, we’ll never climb that,’ the wizard said.

Valance, Navnen and Koram put their heads together to try to figure out how to scale the druid’s mountain and if it was worth it.

Suddenly something rushed by them. It turned and sped back towards them.

‘Problem, boys?’ Knat the druidess asked as she reigned her six-legged flying goat to a halt.

‘Well,’ Chalk began to explain. ‘We’ve got this scroll to drop off to the archdruid….’

‘But it’s a long ways up there and a long climb?’ she asked.

‘Yes,’ they admitted in unison.

‘I can drop it off for you boys,’ Knat offered. ‘I am going that way anyway, of course.’

‘That would be grand!’ Navnen exclaimed.

‘For a fair share of whatever you boys were getting,’ Knat said.

‘But, weren’t you going there anyway?’ asked Koram.

Knat started to turn the sky goat away.

‘Fine! For a portion what we were getting,’ Chalk confirmed.

Knat smiled and pulled the flying goat in closer.


Sky Goat
Odd, six-legged goats that try to mingle in with other goats to not be bothered, these semi-intelligent creatures serve as flying mounts for medium sized and smaller creatures. Cantankerous as any goat, these creatures will wander off to be free if not
Charmed or kept fed and content.
Sky Goat
: HD 5; AC 6[14]; Atk: Ram (1d6+2), Kick (1d6); Move 17 (22 Flying); Save 14; AL:N; CL/XP 2/50; Special: Flight, +2 damage on flying charge, can carry up to 350lbs and move normally.

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