[New Spell] Greenleap



‘I’m not good at being confined,’ the elf said.

‘Then maybe you shouldn’t have stolen that ham,’ said the gnome illusionist.

‘If you weren’t so short you could have stolen it yourself,’ sneered the elf.

‘Okay you two, knock it off. I think I can figure a way out of here for us,’ Fellhorn the druid snapped.

The druid concentrated a moment.

‘I see a way out. For me. I will come back for you two,’ the druid said.

Suddenly the druid was gone.

‘He will come back for us,’ the elf said hopefully.

‘I wouldn’t come back for you two,’ the gnome said.

‘That’s why I am glad he knows that spell and not you, runt,’ said the elf.


Greenleap (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 150’/level

Duration: One round/level.


This simple form of druidic teleportation is most often used in urban areas where the caster finds themselves trapped in a jail or dungeon near a forest or park. Greenleap allows the caster to ‘leap’ to the nearest patch of green space, be that a lawn, park or bit of wilderness itself. The caster travels alone and may make this leap for one round each time that there is suitable green space per level of druid. Note that this spell only delivers the druid safely to this location, which itself can be harmful as well.

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