[New Magic Item] Familiar Bracer

Familiar Bracer

With a whistle Navnen summoned a strange looking lizard with bright red and deep black markings.

‘What is that?’ Chalk asked.

‘I found this small bracer and when I put it on the lizard it suddenly bonded to me,’ the thief said.

‘Where did you “find” this wondrous item?’ Koram asked.

‘In the mage’s guild a couple of towns back,’ Navnen said.

‘Is this something we will be hunted for?’ Valance asked.

‘Are you jealous because my lizard is just as useful as your spiders, if not more?’ Navnen answered.

‘Nothing good will come of this!’ quipped the priest of the Spider God as the bizarre lizard hissed at the cleric and curled up to sleep in the thief’s lap.

This small, strange leather bracer will fit most animals that are Medium or Small in size with no discomfort to the creature. A great boon to many an adventurer.

Benefit: When this small bracer is put on the leg of any small or medium creature this forms a bond between the creature and the one putting the bracer on. The creature gains the following benefits while wearing the bracer: +2 to AC, Int raises to 8 (if not already there) and the creature gains 2HD. In addition, the creature and the one bonded to it may communicate via telepathy for a range of up to two miles while the creature responds to simple commands when within earshot of the one it is bonded to. The downside: if the creature dies while wearing the bracer the one bonded to it suffers 1d10+4 damage.

Usable by: Anyone. A spellcaster can use this magical item to have more than one familiar.

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