[New Monster] Gravig Forest Devil

Gravig Forest Devil


The elf ranger shot another arrow as the creature pounced on the the gnome illusionist. The thing hissed and scrambled off into the darkness.

‘Where’s the gnome?’ Fellhorn asked.

‘Apparently that weird thing swallowed the little pest and ran off,’ sighed the elf.

‘We need to go and rescue him,’ the druid said.

‘Why?’ argued the elf.

‘Because he is handy at getting into small places we can’t,’ replied Fellhorn.

‘I am going to need more than that,’ the elf said.

‘Come on!’ urged the human druid.

The elf smirked and reluctantly followed the druid.


Gravig Forest Devil
These deadly creatures resemble little more than ovals with spindly arms and legs and a tail covered in thick dense hair with a mouthful of huge teeth. These creatures roam forests and swamps, constantly hunting for prey. Thought to be lesser earthbound daemons, the gravig hunt without being able to see with their eyes just as well as a keen eyed cat, their sense of sight possibly being otherworldly. As large as a pony, these creatures can swallow Small sized creatures and often do, running off with the thing in their belly.
: HD 6+4; AC 5[15]; Atk: Claw (1d4+2), Bite (1d6); Move 14; Save 13; AL:C; CL/XP 4/250; Special: Blindsight, can hunt by sound without any light source, Swallow Whole bite attack has 55% chance to small Gnome and Halfling sized creatures (or smaller) whole.

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