[New Magic Item] Horn of the Eye

Horn of the Eye

The gnome illusionist stood still a moment, holding a long strange horn in one hand.

‘Yes?’ the elf ranger asked impatiently.

‘The corridor turns to the left and there is a sudden decline in the elevation, and the darkness gets almost….solid,’ the gnome then gasped.

‘What is it?’ Fellhorn the druid asked.

‘The connection to the eye was lost, I’m not sure what that means,’ the gnome confessed.

Suddenly a low growl came from where the direction the party had come from.

‘It means we are trapped,’ the elf said frankly. ‘Weapons at the ready!’

A seemingly simple magical item created for a Hero in ages long, long ago, this magical horn can help a party of dungeon adventurers get through tricky parts of the underground realm, and if their connection to the magical eye is suddenly lost they know to be on their guard.

Benefit: Once per day this magical horn, when winded, can produce a large, baleful ghostly eye that the bearer of the horn can direct down halls and corridors and around corners, tied to the horn by a strange, silvery cord. This arcane eye cannot move through solid objects, but it may be ordered to stay in position so that the horn’s owner can ‘catch up’ to the eye. If the cord is somehow severed, as in cut by a magical weapon or attacked by an extra-planar creature and takes more than four points of damage the connection is lost and the eye cannot be produced for another day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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