[New Spell] Bestow Literacy

Bestow Literacy


‘What language is this?’ Chalk asked.

Valance muttered a faint prayer.

Koram pretended to faint.

‘A spell that helps us?’ the fighter inquired mockingly.

‘I’ll ignore that,’ the priest of the Spider God whispered.

‘It is an incantation to a bugbear deity,’ Navnen said.

‘Not really necessary, I suppose,’ Chalk said.

‘Not unless any of us worship bugbear deities all of a sudden,’ Koram said.

‘Unless we decide to alter it ourselves and add to it,’ Valance suggested wryly.


Bestow Literacy (Divine)

Level 3

Range: 5′ radius/level

Duration: Permanent.


A seemingly innocent spell, this clerical ability allows a priest or priestess to bestow literacy in one language (with 90% accuracy) upon all within range of the spell that have an Int of at least 7. Many members of clergy use this to advance their own particular faith, providing relevant writings to sway outsiders to their religion. This can also be used to insidiously reveal some for of writing to those who otherwise would not understand it to convey grave portents. Of course, if one already knows this written language the spell has no effect. If the caster does not know the language they may gain it themselves via this spell.

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