[New Magic Item] Deep Underground Amulet

Deep Underground Amulet

‘Mark that spot on the ground,’ Chalk said to no one in particular. Navnen made a hasty mark with a few stones and twigs.

‘I’ll get some spiders on the trail,’ Valance said and began conjuring.

Koram stood there, staring blankly.

‘We will get your Crystal Sword back,’ Chalk said.

‘How?’ the warrior asked.

‘We get that magic item used to put it in the ground and try to bring it back,’ the wizard answered.

‘Or we could dig,’ the thief suggested.

‘Maybe we should try both?’ Koram suggested.

‘You need that sword, especially against whatever we are supposed to face that is frightening enough that someone felt compelled to rob you of that sword,’ said Chalk.

Nobody is sure where this magic item came from, some assume it was made for a master thief, others for a great Hero to disarm a vile Wizard in ages past. Nobody knows anymore, but the item is very handy.

Benefit: Once per day this amulet can conjure elemental hands and arms from the earthy ground to take an item(s) from an unsuspecting person and deposit these things deep underground. With the element of surprise this amulet can take one item per level of the amulet’s owner with a Saving Throw for the victim versus magic at -1. A failed saved means that these earthen hands have taken these purloined things roughly 25′ underground in a small pocket of air roughly 10’x10’x10′, although a referee may allow a Str test versus a Str of 16 to wrestle the item back. These things remain there unless dug up from the earth or called up using the amulet (this magical talisman will return anything it has buried if the bearer of the amulet is within 100′ of the underground location of previously buried items).

Usable by: Anyone.

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