[New Magic Item] Boots of the Dark Elves

Boots of the Dark Elves

‘So, what do you think?’ asked the elf as he strolled into the cottage.

Koram drew his sword as Chalk and Valance began spells.

‘Who are you?’ the fighter asked.

The elf put up his hands and kicked off his boots, revealing Navnen the thief.

‘It is just me,’ he declared.

‘Very convincing,’ said Chalk.

‘These will get me passed the city watch for our next caper,’ the thief said.

On the roof of a nearby building two elves watched quietly. They wanted those boots, and to find out where the human had gotten them.

Created by the sinister Fell Elves of the Bonedagger Hills, these magical boots allow the sinister elves to fit into regular elvish culture. But if you are caught wearing these magical boots the elves (of any stripe) will be far from forgiving.

Benefit: In addition to moving silently (80% chance), these magical boots make the wearer resemble either a Wood Elf or High Elf (wearer’s choice, High Elf is the default if the wearer is unaware of the effect at first). All special traits of the chosen elf type are also granted (immunity to ghoul touch, night vision, etc) are granted to non-elves.

Usable by: Anyone but an elf. Seriously, they will kill you if they catch you wearing these.

Note: My dark elves are more like those of the Burning Wheel or Warhammer Fantasy, in other words, it isn’t their skin pigment from being underground or worshiping a spidery goddess that makes them dark elves, but their outlook on the world. However, even being similar to other elves, they still look more sardonic and villainous than other elves.

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