[New Spell] Venom Splash

Venom Splash


‘I wish I had this spell, it is like a vicious spider bite!’ Valance said in a strange, delayed, halting manner.

Chalk turned his head slowly to look at the priest of the Spider God. This act seemed to take several minutes to the wizard.

‘Juuuuuuust ruuuuuuuuun!’ Chalk shouted in a voice that was drawn out.

The hobgoblin druid laughed and casually walked up behind the wizard and swung his staff, knocking Chalk over. The wizard lazily arced through the air, bracing for an impact that seemed like it would never come.

As the hobgoblin drew his scimitar he suddenly groaned in pain and crumpled over, a knif lodged firmly in his back.

‘Well that happened quickly enough, didn’t it?’ Navnen the thief said as he reclaimed his own envenomed dagger.


Venom Splash (Druid)

Level 1

Range: 15′

Duration: Instantaneous.


This spell conjures a sphere of venom (3′ in diameter/level) that the caster may cause to splash upon anyone in range, the bigger the sphere, the more targets hit. If struck by this poison a Save versus Poison at-1 is required. A failed save means the target takes 1d6+2 points of damage and is Slowed (as per the Slow spell) for one round per level of caster. A passed saving throw causes the target to just be Slowed as failed save.

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