[New Magic Item] Cursed: Thousand Mile Boots

Cursed: Thousand Mile Boots

‘Finally, after years!’ Stork the sorcerer exclaimed. He almost sounded giddy. He held the address of his hated rivals jotted on a piece of paper in his hand.

An errand boy brought a small parcel to the vile wizard.

‘What’s this?’ Stork asked the carrier.

‘Something I was paid to bring you. I do not know,’ replied the boy.

Hastily Stork opened the package. A pair of fine dark brown leather boots presented themselves. Without thinking the wizard tried them on. Then he paused.

‘It was a polymorph potion, a rather expensive one,’ the messenger boy said as he suddenly phased out of focus and came back clearly as Chalk, Stork’s rival.

Stork tried to step forward to lash out with a dagger, but found himself turned around, facing the opposite direction.

‘See you after a thousand miles,’ Chalk whispered in Stork’s ear before disappearing into the crowd.

The scream that emanated from Stork caused the crowd to disburse.

Strangely cursed well made boots. From parts unknown. These must be presented by the one laying down the curse, but the results are often worth the risk.

Benefit: When worn these cursed boots force the wearer to walk one thousand miles in them before he or she may physically harm the presenter. Just seeing them makes the intended victim make a saving throw to resist wearing them at -1. These magical boots are comfortable and water resistant. However this magic item also compels the wearer to walk one thousand miles before attacking their presenter. For one hour after delivery the presenter cannot attack the one they gifted the boots to.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Cursed: Thousand Mile Boots

  1. eltf177 says:

    Very interesting, but poses many questions. What if the recipient is on a small island, will they be forced to walk in circles for 1000 miles? Is the direction of travel random or the easiest? is there any way to stop the wearer from making the journey at all? What if the wearer is physically incapable of such a journey?

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