[New Magic Item] Sword of the Medusa

Sword of the Medusa

The druid wrestled the blade from the strange fighter’s hand and tapped the stone gnome on the head. The gnome illusionist immediately returned to flesh and was fighting mad.

‘Who did that?’ snarled the gnome.

The elf, taking a step back in surprise at the gnome’s ferocity pointed at the human fighter.

‘His sword…’ the elf began.

With a glare the gnome began a spell. The druid stepped back as eerie shadowy monsters crawled from the shadows and began silently creeping towards the fighter.

The fighter gasped and ran, dropping his sword.

‘Now this will be handy,’ the elf said as he admired the sword.

The gnome glared at the elf.

‘Don’t even think about it,’ warned the gnome.

The elf tried looking innocent.

Quenched in the blood of a gorgon (the snake-headed type), these magical swords are very rare and very sought after by those who know of their existence.

Benefit: This magical longsword is +1 to strike and deals 1d6+2 damage. In addition, with each strike the wielder may elect to roll 1d6, a result of ‘5’ or ‘6’ will force the subject struck to make a save versus Petrification or be turned to stone as per the ability of a Medusa or basilisk. This process can be reversed by Stone to Flesh, Limited Wish, Wish spells or by tapping the victim of the petrification with the flat edge of this sword blade. Note that this also has a 56% chance per day of returning anyone to flesh that was turned to stone by other means.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a sword.

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