[New Magic Item] Jinx Dagger

Jinx Dagger

Navnen looked over at his opponent, each had been poisoned and “unpoisoned” a half a dozen times.

‘Did you buy that dagger from the wizard Wensdale to kill me?’ he asked.

The would-be assassin laughed quietly to himself.

‘Yeah,’ he replied.

‘Same here,’ Navnen said, cracking a smile.

‘Either he wanted to be rid of both of us or he wanted one of us to kill the other,’ the other thief said.

‘How about a truce and we teach that shifty wizard a lesson?’ offered Navnen.

The thief contemplated this for a moment.

‘We divide the loot between us?’

‘Naturally,’ Navnen replied and offered a hand to the one who tried to kill him, the other took it and they shook on the deal.

This odd dagger can prove to be a great aid to the user and a bane to an enemy, sometimes in the same encounter. Rare, but not unique, a tale is told of two combatants, each armed with one of these magic daggers, that both eventually collapsed from trading the venom of the basilisk back and forth between them.

Benefit: A very well wrought magical dagger, the Jinx Dagger deals 1d4+2 points of damage in combat. In addition, this magical blade will infuse any poison into itself so that the poison does not go bad. In addition, this dagger may be used to remove poison from a wound by gently (hopefully) touching the wound with the dagger’s tip. The Jinx Dagger then holds the poison in itself to release in an attack. If the dagger is already is infused the more dangerous of the two toxins remains.

Usable by: Anyone.

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