[New Magic Item] Mandolin of Radjensky

Mandolin of Radjensky

The table was getting rowdy in the tavern, then the minstrel strummed the strings on his mandolin.

‘Shhhh, I want to hear this,’ Valance said to the others at his table as he waved a hand at Chalk and the others.

Three hooded figures glowed green and the skeleton of the sabre-toothed tiger above the fireplace not only glowed with an emerald color but also leapt down from the mantle and jumped out a nearby window.

‘I always wondered why the innkeeper never had a guard dog, he did all along, sort of,’ Navnen said.

The hooded figures, realizing that they glowed, tried to hurry out the door before being caught, but were too late as a mob quickly formed to chase these strange undead out of town.

‘I am buying the minstrel a round, that was amazing,’ exclaimed Valance.

A delicate looking mandolin from a simpler time, the great minstrel Radjensky’s work was appreciated far and wide and a powerful mage enchanted the minstrel’s favorite mandolin to be a boon to all dedicated to life, love and freedom.

Benefit: An enchanted mandolin that plays any music melodiously and adds +1 to the bearer’s Charisma score. In addition, while being played, this magical instrument not only reveals all undead within 50′ with an eerie green glow, but also can turn undead as a 4th level Cleric: Undead with 6HD need an 11 to save versus being turned, 5HD need a 9, 4HD require a 7, 3HD a 5 or less, 2HD a 3 or less and 1HD undead are automatically turned.

Usable by: Anyone.

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