[New Spell] Eyeglow



Navnen quietly entered the main room of the house he shared with his fellow adventurers. A rag was tied over his eyes.

Moments later an angry mob ran by the door, calling for blood.

‘Now what did you do?’ Chalk asked.

The thief untied the rag and opened his eyes, they glowed a brilliant green.

‘What in the eleven hells?!’ exclaimed Valance as he got up from his chair.

‘Relax, it is just an illusionist’s spell, I apparently robbed the wrong guy,’ the thief admitted.

‘Apparently,’ Koram chimed in as the trio chuckled at their companion.

‘How long does that last?’ Chalk asked.

‘I have no idea, not very long,’ moped the thief.


Eyeglow (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Self or Touch’

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.


A simple Illusionist spell that causes either the caster’s eyes or those of another, to glow any color the caster desires. Invokes a Fear save (as per the spell) in creatures of 2HD or less, this spell also marks another creature and makes an excellent target of them.

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