[New Spell] Snakes & Spells Curse

Curse: Snakes & Spells


As if to accentuate Fellhorn’s spell, several snakes seemed to fall from the druid’s hands, one hissed at the elf and another tried to bite the gnome illusionist.

‘Why is this still happening?’ the gnome asked. ‘Didn’t you get the cursed removed in Gosl-Ubu?’

The druid looked sheepish.

‘What happened?’ the elf ranger asked.

‘I spent the money on wine…’

‘To continue throwing snakes around every time you cast a spell?’ asked the elf.

‘I am only human,’ replied Fellhorn.

‘You can say that again,’ smirked the gnome illusionist.


Snakes & Spells Curse (Cleric/Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One year and one day or until removed.


This spell only effects other spellcasters and is sometimes cast by the sore loser of a wizard’s duel. When the victim of the curse casts any spell 1d6 random small serpents (or rats, spiders, etc, but most often snakes) erupt from the caster’s hands and scurry off randomly, sometimes (50%) chance of attacking anyone other than the caster. This causes others to become wary of the caster in time and it is not uncommon for the cursed caster to gain a sinister reputation.

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