[New Spell] Caster’s Curse

Caster’s Curse


Chalk kicked the door open.

‘We are going after that little weasel of a wizard that works for the duke,’ he snarled.

‘Why, what happened?’ Koram asked.

‘I just spent the last two hours as a pigeon hiding from two hungry falcons because of him, he cast some sort of curse on me,’ answered Chalk.

‘I wondered why you missed lunch,’ Navnen commented.

‘Someday I really need to learn to remove curses,’ Valance commented.

‘Yes you do!’ snapped Chalk as he stormed off to clean himself up in the other room.


Caster’s Curse (Magic-user, Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One year and one day or until dispelled.


When a spellcaster has this curse lain upon them any spell cast will cause the caster to make a Saving Throw versus spells with a -1 modifier. Failing this save transforms the spellcaster into a 1HD normal animal at random. While Int and Wis are retained, all other attributes become that of the animal. Without speech or hands spellcasting is impossible, however the caster can utilize the animal form’s physical abilities to fight or escape, including flight if a bird form happens to the caster. This lasts for one hour per level of spell cast (or one day for a devious referee/GM).

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