[New Magic item] Scroll of Staining

Scroll of Staining

A trio of crossbow bolts thudded into the door a few minutes after Navnen entered the room the adventurer’s shared.

‘Why does this keep happening?’ Koram asked.

‘You are somehow marked, but how?’ Valance asked.

The thief paused and looked at his hands and feet.

‘I don’t see anything though,’ he said.

‘Whoever it is, they found out where you live, so either we move or wait for a trap,’ Chalk suggested.

‘And if we move, how do we keep this happening again?’ asked Navnen.

‘We could wrap you in a blanket or put you in a large bag to transport you to another place,’ the sorcerer offered.

Navnen smirked at these ideas.

This strange, old spell seems to only be found on scrolls and can be useful to use on oneself or another, depending on the situation; this can be used to track a killer or to find one’s own way out of a dungeon or similar predicament.

Benefit: When read, this scroll allows the reader to cause either their own hands or those of another within line of sight at the time the scroll is read to leave a blue stain on whatever they touch. At the time of casting from the scroll the reader of the spell can decide whether only they or everyone can see this faintly glowing stain. Duration is three days.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a scroll.

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