[New Magic Book] Lornak’s Book of Birds

Lornak’s Book of Birds

The thief raced along the rooftop, he paused and looked back for a moment, then stopped. Retrieving a book from within his tunic he quickly thumbed through the pages.

‘There he is!’ shouted one of the guardsmen.

With a halfhearted prayer the thief pulled one of the pages from the small book and hoped for the best.

A strange golden bird appeared before the thief, flapping its wings and seeming to hover magically.

‘Take me from here, please,’ the thief begged of the bird, doubtful of its capabilities.

To the shock of all watching, the bird grabbed the man by the shoulders and flew him to safety as the swords and axes of the guardsmen swung in the thief’s wake.

‘Find him or it is your necks!’ growled the sergeant as the men scrambled to get down and find the thief who was laughing as the bird carried him free of the town and off into the woods beyond.

It is said that Lornak made a few of these books on birds which are hard to find and highly sought after for obvious reasons.

Benefit: Lornak’s Book of Birds usually contains 3-12 (3d4) pages when found. These pages are illustrated with various avian creatures such as Axe-beaks, Rocs, Alicanto, Phoenix, Tengu, Harpies and other magical birds or bird-like creatures. There is a 33% chance of duplicates. Each time a page is ripped from the book an example of the creature, living and breathing and with one extra HD on top of their normal maximum, will appear before the one who tore the page and will serve that person for one hour per level of the page-tearer.

Usable by: Anyone.

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