[New Magic Spell] Heated Words

Heated Words


‘I need to get out of this town, it is stifling,’ grumbled Fellhorn.

‘With everyone hunting us thanks to that sawed off runt?’ the elf ranger asked.

‘I need to get into the trees soon,’ the druid reiterated.

‘Relax you two,’ the gnome illusionist said.

Quietly the gnome sneaked ahead and whispered a spell. The two guards immediately began arguing over the price of oranges to the point it almost seemed that they would draw weapons on each other.

The gnome quietly opened the gate and slipped outside the town. He turned and looked back at his companions and shrugged. The human and elf got the hint and scurried passed the squabbling guards moments before they gathered there senses.

‘The door is open!’ gasped one guard.

‘What is an orange anyway?’ asked the other.


Heated Words (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 15′

Duration: 1d6 rounds.


When cast this illusionist spell compels two sentient beings to begin arguing over something, anything, for 1d6 rounds. These two can be on opposite sides of an encounter or the same side. There is no saving throw, except the two in the debate must have a language in common that they can argue in. If two parties are involved these two become non-combatants and are -2 to hit in combat while those arguing are -2 on any checks regarding their surroundings. This spell does not necessarily need to be cast in combat and can be used to distract watchmen, jailers, guards, etc as well.

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