[New Magic Item] Mask of Spiders

Mask of Spiders

The giant spider lowered itself through the skylight of the ancient temple of a forgotten reptilian deity. Silently it turned on the adventurers at the command of the man wearing the stylized spider mask. The arachnid advanced slowly then stopped and bowed before one of the adventurers.

Valance grinned.

‘It cannot be!’ cried the man confronting the adventurers.

‘Normally you would be quite safe, I, however, am a priest of the Spider God,’ said Valance, his voice echoing down the temple’s side chambers. With a wave of his hand the spider turned towards the man with wearing the mask.

‘Mercy?’ the man asked halfheartedly, expecting none.

Valance looked at the others. Chalk nodded, Koram and Navnen shrugged.

‘You leave here with your clothes, nothing more,’ stated Valance.

The man slowly removed the mask and handed it to Valance.

‘I will hold the spider at bay until dusk, then he hunts you,’ added the priest of the Spider God.

The man hurried to remove his armor and find an exit.

A gift for a champion of the Spider God made ages ago. When the fell hero was ambushed and killed by knights of the insect deity Locustus the relic fell with the champion and was discarded as tainted by the followers of the Insect God. It’s whereabouts unknown.

Benefit: When worn this mask may:

  1. Summon 1HD of spiders for 1 day.

  2. Summon 3HD of spiders for ½ day.

  3. Summon 6HD of spiders for 1 hour.

Creatures summoned obey the commands of the masks wearer and will attack, spy, scout, guard, etc for the mask’s owner. The summoned spiders can come in the form of an individual or a swarm, up to the desired hit dice. Note that clerics of the Spider God are immune to the effects of this mask, any summoned spiders will not act against a priest or priestess in good standing with the Spider God in any way.

Usable by: Anyone.

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