[New Spell] The Woods Are More Than They Might Seem

The Woods Are More Than They Might Seem


‘It is an ARMY,’ the elf ranger stressed.

‘Of goblins,’ retorted Fellhorn the druid as he eyed the gnome.

‘THAT spell?’ the gnome asked.

‘Yes, the one that got us out of the domain of the Dread Mage Arklu,’ replied the druid.

The gnome strained a little as he looked about.

‘There!’ the gnome squeaked and pointed to a copse of trees. A few minutes later and the pines were suddenly ominous and thick, dark and dreadful. A hideous cackle could be heard from deep in the trees.

‘Just remember that it is an illusion,’ Fellhorn advised the elf as the trio hurried to find cover in the treeline.

Some time later a large throng of goblins came into view, hurrying along a trail only they seemed to perceive. One barked an order and they all stopped. An argument broke out as the goblins decided on a plan. This turned into a squabble and a blackened eye and a few bruises later (a typical goblin ‘discussion’) and the small horde turned towards the nearby rolling hills, intent on either another target or feeling that the three adventurers had gone this way instead.


The Woods Are More Than They Might Seem (Illusionist)

Level 5

Range: 10’/level affects an area 20’x20’/level

Duration: One hour per level of caster.


This spell requires a forested area, which the caster can make suitably dark and dreary; it is difficult to see deep into the trees, spider webs can be seen hanging from branches, thick and ominous. Strange, eerie sounds can be heard a few trees away. Eyes can be seen in the shadows and dark patches, glowing eyes in pairs and sometimes more or less numbers. Creatures with less than 4HD need to make a Saving Throw with a -1 modifier to even enter the misenchanted forest, those above 4HD have a +1. Any ranged weapons shot within this area are -2 to hit due to all of the distracting factors including magical darkness, unnerving terrain and unusual sounds.

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