[New Magic Item] Planar Anchor

Planar Anchor

‘How much further to the edge of the Deep Astral?’ the thief asked as he strolled carefully along the deck of the strange vessel.

‘Four, five more hours I reckon,’ answered Captain Vralk. ‘Why?’

The thief pointed off into the dimly lit distance of the astral plane. A trio of strange shard-like vessels were closing in.

‘Astral raiders!’ the captain said, mumbling a curse under his breath afterward. He took a long staff and tapped the round device that held the ship in place. Tiny claws retracted and the ship sailed freely again.

‘Get below deck and pray to whatever gods you hold dear,’ Vralk snapped as he began preparing for a fight.

Created by a wandering archmage, this magical anchor helps one get their bearings and ‘set up camp’ on planes that shift or do not have ‘ground’, such as the ethereal or astral planes. Very useful and very expensive magic item.

Benefit: This magic item, when activated, releases several spikes or claws that grip the plane that the item is on and hold fast, being able to hold a light vessel in place, such as a skiff style watercraft if attached with rope or chain. Three or four rowboat sized vessels could also be anchored as well. Several of these may be activated near each other to create an impromptu port out in the planes that once deactivated, releases the anchor from holding onto the plane and it floats freely once again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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