[New Magic Item] Spear of the Lizardman General

Spear of the Lizardman General

The mercenary Bakra-do paused a moment from the fray to bend his neck from one side to another. He casually spun the spear and returned to a threatening pose. At his feet lay a half a dozen dead lizardmen with more looming in the shadows and hissing.

With a reptilian bellow one of the creatures leaped from the darkness, brandishing a scimitar and waving a shield. The human thrust the spear forward confidently, skewering the lizardman, who gasped and retreated, bleeding profusely. A conversation began among the cold-blooded humanoids, a conversation that the human could not understand nor pick up any emotion from the stoic reptilians. With no further warning they retreated deeper into the forgotten temple, but this did not fool the wily mercenary, for he knew that the lizardfolk would want their sacred weapon back.

Gifted to a mighty lizardman general of ages passed, this fierce looking spear has a polished mahogany shaft with a vicious mithril spearhead that has been the bane of many a foe of the lizardfolk who try to regain this weapon if they ever find it to be in the hands of a non-lizardfolk.

Benefit: This four foot long spear is +1 to hit in combat and deals 1d6+2 points of damage. In addition, the owner of the weapon, if within one yard/1 meter of the spear is not affected by excessive heat or cold and takes half damage from fire and cold based spells and dragon’s breath weapons.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a spear.

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